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A Trade Fair promoting business transparency to take place in Togo

Do you have reliable information about a company, an investor or a business school before initiating contact for a one-off or long-term partnership? Such is the exceptional challenge taken up by ACCI during the African Trade Fair for Skilled Business Partnerships scheduled from 25-26 October 2021, at Ecobank's headquarters in Lomé - Togo. Beyond raising awareness, training and installation of monitoring and economic intelligence devices tailored for African markets, due dilig ... read more

Why is ACCI inviting you to SAPAQ?

Many companies dream to establish successful and sustainable partnerships with African actors that have previously been subjected to due diligence and vice versa. Coming 25 and 26 October 2021, at Ecobank's international headquarters in Lomé - Togo, this dream will become a reality. Besides raising awareness, training and setting up economic intelligence and monitoring systems adapted to African markets, due diligence is a service through which the African Centre for Competit ... read more

The first edition of the SAPAQ will be held in Lomé

The African Centre for Competitive Intelligence (ACCI) will organize the first edition of the African Trade Fair for Skilled Business Partnerships (SAPAQ 2021) in the Togolese capital, from 25-26 October 2021. The event will give pride of place to companies showing transparency in their activities and partnerships. Indeed, the SAPAQ, scheduled to take place at the headquarters of Ecobank Transnational Incorporated (ETI), will bring together economic actors who have previously under ... read more